New UVIZI Business Promo & Surveillance Package

Our UVIZI Business Package is the combination promotional, SEO, surveillance & security -- all with the installation one camera! The installation is based on a single HD camera. It delivers a clear,crisp video stream of your establishment for patron to check out from their desktop, tablet or mobile.

The single HD camera, is feature-rich and performs very well in this type of situation. Below is the feature list:

- Night Vision IR LEDs
- Built-in Infrared filter
- Video Features: Image size, quality, frame rate, and bit rate, Shutter speed, brightness, saturation, contrast, mirror, flip, Time stamp and text overlay
- Motion detection
- Image Resolution: HD 720p resolution, Maximum 1280x720 @ 30 fps
- 2-Way Audio
- Built-in DVR
- Micro SD chip to record video
- Email alerts to business owner when motion is detected

Your UVIZI page is directly addressable via any browser and contains Live Stream, Open Menu, Open Table Link and image carousel.

Pricing also includes installation, configuration, testing and access via browser and mobile app.

UVIZI Business Promo & Surveillance Package


Price: $400.00

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